Friday, September 23, 2011

A Book Brats View on... Book Trailers

One of the more recent things in the book world has been the infamous book trailer.

Yes, I am going to post yet another rant about book trailers, I know, you've probably seen a hundred of them already, I know, but bear with me. I need to post more and I like to rant, so why not rant while posting? Kills two birds with one stone.

So you're asking, "Megan, really, what do you have against book trailers?"

Well, reader, let me tell you what I think. Book trailers, in my humble opinion, don't add much that a synopsis doesn't already cover. Some pretty pictures, a little music, maybe a few really good looking models and actors running around looking good looking. But what does it really make a reader do? Does a book trailer make anyone want to rush out to buy a book then just based on a few carefully selected words and pictures presented to them? Does it make them go to Amazon and read the synopsis? Does it make them want to go to the movies and see the latest Jason Statham movie?

Yesterday I watched the DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE book trailer on a whim. Okay, mostly it was because my friend shoved it in my face saying "LOOK AT THE PRETTY!" I watched it and felt nothing. It didn't make me want to read the book anymore than I already do. I can't afford to buy it right now and my library doesn't have any plans to buy a copy as far as I know, so I'm kind of stuck up a creek waiting for someone to give me cash before I can enjoy the awesome (unless someone wants to be nice to me and send me a copy, hahaha). I watched and felt apathetic towards it. Same with the trailer I recently saw for some other book I can't even remember the name of. A few pretty pictures, some words, some strange ethereal music, but nothing that told me what the book was about.

My opinion - book trailers are a waste of time and money. A book is not a movie. If I wanted to watch a trailer, I'd pull up the kick ass trailer for WATCHMEN that totally deceived me from the fail that was that movie. Such a good trailer. If I want to think about buying a book, a book trailer isn't going to sway me. I'll go to Goodreads or Amazon and check out reviews. I'll read a synopsis. I'll check out an excerpt. I'll wait for a book to randomly appear in front of me (it happens).

But a book trailer? Nah, I'll skip it. I don't see the need to watch them and choose not to. Unless Karl Urban is in it, I'll pass.

I'd love to know YOUR view on book trailers. Do they make you buy books? What do you think the publishing industry should do to get readers more interested in books? I want to know your thoughts!

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