About Book Brats

Book Brats was founded in June 2011 by a recent graduate school graduate looking to share her love of girl power and divaliciousness with the world.  Yes, I can use that word if I want.  Book Brats celebrates girl power, strong female characters, and strong readers with discerning tastes, focusing on young women ages 18-30.  Since the founder falls in right at the middle, she thought this was a good age range.

Book Brats reviews YA, chick lit, romance, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, contemporary literature, and anything else that a young woman might like.  Since the founder has weird tastes, this has been known to include some fantasy, science fiction, and horror.  Even the occasional non-fiction book (comedy mostly, some dating how-to's, and books about cults are not out of the ordinary) sneaks into her to read list and might very well be reviewed on Book Brats.

The goal of Book Brats is to give readers an honest opinion of books.  If something is great, you'll know about it, and if something isn't as good, same deal.  Book Brats will let you know what there is to know about current releases, as well as older books that pop up in the Book Brats radar.

So, why the name Book Brats?  Well, every girl deserves to be a brat every once in awhile.  Whether or not she's a good brat or not, that's another story.  Okay, that and the fact the founder is a big fan of light hearted snark and gossip.

Megan wishes that she were more interesting than she actually is.  She's 24, an escapee of graduate school, a former Congressional intern (US House of Representatives, to be precise), unemployed, and living at home with her parents while she searches for that perfect job.  She is also an aspiring author, and if you ask her nicely, she will point you in the direction of her writing blog.

She has been reviewing books on Goodreads and Amazon for over a year, and in other forums for much longer than that (she just can't remember her account information to let you know the details).  You can contact her at bookbrats@gmail.com if you are curious to know her life story.  It involves NHL players, Kevin Sorbo, a really hot Japanese monk, and an unhealthy obsession with Australian science fiction television.