Saturday, October 22, 2011

Water for Elephants Week - Study Guide

Water for Elephants Week
The Study Guide!

Water for Elephants Week is a week devoted to the book and upcoming DVD release of Water for Elephants.  If you haven't already entered the contest for a copy of the DVD and book, check out the sidebar for a link.  Or it's just the post below this one.

As part of the festivities lasting until next Friday, I would like to invite you to do a readalong and discussion about the book with me!  And I even have a study guide for you to help facilitate a discussion so we can gossip and gab about the book and the movie if you've already seen it.  I would love if someone participates with me, because it gets you extra entries into the contest!  While reading and remembering the movie, use this guide to help you focus on some key parts.  I will be opening the discussion post tomorrow!

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