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Sex and the Kitty by Nancy the Cat (REVIEW)

Cats, cats, and more cats! If you have ever wanted to read a memoir penned by a feline, SEX AND THE KITTY is probably the funniest chance you'll ever get.

Reviewed by Special Correspondent for Feline Fiction, Sir Wilson Snufflepuff
Sex and the Kitty: A Celebrity Meowmoir by Nancy the Cat
208 Pages
Published August 30th 2011 by Plume
Courtesy of Plume / Goodreads First Reads

A hilarious "first-feline" memoir charting Nancy's transformation from small-town kitty into celebrity glamour-puss.

Even as a kitten, Nancy knew she was different. Unlike her peers, who were content to hunt mice and sunbathe all day, Nancy was born with a thirst for adventure.

She first tastes local fame after hitching rides in strangers' cars and visiting neighborhood pubs, but soon the fearless feline has started a blog, become a Facebook sensation, and dipped her paw in the world of show business. With the help of an agent, she moves to London and meets Baron Romeo III, the country's #1 cat actor. Will they be the Brad and Angelina of the cat world?

A purr-fect gift for the legions who adore LOLCats, and for anyone who ever dreamed of being famous and meeting Mr. Right, Sex and the Kitty is an irresistibly catty mélange of silliness, wit, and feline charm.

*clean clean clean*

Let me start this review by saying I am a cultured kitty and I do not read books at random. Most of the stuff my caretaker Megan reads just does not interest me in the least, although I did find ANIMAL FARM to be most intriguing. Megan asked me to read SEX AND THE KITTY by Nancy the Cat as a favor. I owe her a few favors after the money she spends on me so of course I said yes, after several hours of relenting and ignoring her offerings of kitty treats. I was just hungry and milking her for all she was worth.

Nancy the Cat starts her story with her birth and how she came to be taken in by her family. I could not really identify with this, mostly because my mother was feral and lived in the basement of a condemned house in Newark, New Jersey. She kicked me out of the nest and when I was four months old I wound up in the right driveway at the right time. I’ve since moved to North Carolina and turned into a classy cultured southern kitty. I sleep with a picture of Zachary Quinto and have a closet full of clothing. I spend my days lounging around my house and playing with my best friend New Kitty (yes, such an unfortunate name). Sadly, in North Carolina, I do not have many friends.

Nancy’s story is one that humored me for three days of fun. Her shenanigans were very much unlike mine, but her story is one I wish I could live. My owner went to London in January and brought me back English cat treats and they were most tempting. I wish I could be a cat model and act and meet more cats than my two stepsiblings and that cat that sent me to the vet when he attacked me. I did nothing to him! Honestly!

While the story appears inane, it’s actually quite fun. *clean clean clean yawn* I stayed up late and kept reading when I should have gone to bed. I read when the power went out thanks to Irene since Megan wouldn’t let me go outside. I even read after my bath even though I wanted to yowl and get a warm blow dry. Nancy’s story is fun and adventurous, even though it’s outlandish. She is so right about birds and dogs and chickens. I’ve killed a large number of fowl in my life, and don’t get me started on dogs.

*clean clean clean*

Anyway, for my feline friends and the human readers of this blog, SEX AND THE KITTY might be up your alley if you are a fan of Sex and the City. Lolcats? No. I don’t see that at all. Besides, Lolcats aren’t even funny.

MEGAN’S VERDICT: Although the story is farfetched and for humor, Nancy’s story is entertaining and cute. For cat-lovers who enjoyed Sex in the City, it is a great book and makes you think about what your cats are up to a lot more closely.


About Wilson:

Sir Wilson Snufflepuff is a 2-year old orange tabby rescued by Book Brats owner Megan from a Newark, New Jersey sidewalk in September 2009. This is his first and probably last review.

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