Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday (5)

This week's waiting on Wednesday comes from our UK Correspondent Rebecca as she fights of rioters and brings to you something new that I've never heard of. Maybe that's a good thing.

Guess I’m moving a little more away from the YA and lady-fiction theme here at Book Brats. It’s a talent of mine.

Anybody who knows my reading habits will tell you I adore anything that takes a popular genre and tips it on its head, especially when it’s with the classics (or fairy tales, but that is a story for another blog). Which is why I’m waiting on Professor Moriaty: Hound of the D’ubervilles. The plot looks like it’s not going to disappoint and is that another plot hint I see there? And with the delightfully sinister cover, Oh yes, I want this.

I’m a little ahead of the game here, as Moriaty doesn’t come out until the 23rd September (in the UK, I couldn’t say for the US) from Titan books.

Imagine the twisted evil twins of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson and you have the dangerous duo of Professor James Moriarty - wily, snake-like, fiercely intelligent, terrifyingly unpredictable - and Colonel Sebastian Basher Moran - violent, politically incorrect, debauched. Together they run London crime, owning police and criminals alike. When a certain Irene Adler turns up on their doorstep with a proposition, neither man is able to resist. An entertaining and wickedly humorous crime adventure from the bestselling writer of Anno Dracula.

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