Saturday, August 20, 2011

Required Reading/Wishes Challenge - RCL Readathon!

Have you ever had required reading for school? Those sometimes boring and painful books to read? Where you would rather watch the movie than read the book?

If you could create your own required reading list, what books would you put on it? Lord of the Rings, instead of Lord of the Flies?
Actually, as it turns out, we here at Book Brats (IE me, Megan) recently put together a list called the Book Brats on Classics Recommends list, which will be part of our upcoming feature called Book Brats on Classics. And for the sake of saving space on my already cluttered pages, I will simply give you a link to the list instead of listing them here!

Book Brats on Classics Recommends...

One of the missions of Book Brats is to promote literature and books that we (I) feel are important or amazing or otherwise something you should read, or steer you clear of that. And this includes stuff that I read as part of required reading in high school and stuff that kids today should be reading. And adults.

Feel free to add to my list if you'd like. It's open for suggestions, and in the future we (me and some friends, and maybe guest bloggers) will review some classics and tell you why they're still amazing today.

PS - I haven't read anything yet for the readathon. I'm a bad reader!

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