Monday, November 21, 2011

Audiobook Alert! Tempest by Julie Cross

Welcome to AUDIOBOOK ALERT, a very sporadic feature on Book Brats. In fact, this is the first entry and the only one I have planned for...ever, but maybe I will find more reasons to use that graphic above that I made in 30 seconds!

Thanks to our friends at Macmillan Audio, Book Brats is proud to bring you a special clip of the upcoming audiobook of TEMPEST by Julie Cross. You can preorder it from Amazon before it's release January 17th, 2012. Check out my review of the ARC here. So check out behind the cut for a special 7:22 preview of the audiobook and then be sure to go and place your preorder! TEMPEST is not a book - or audiobook - to be missed.

Tempest webclip by bookbrats

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