Monday, November 14, 2011

Author Interview with Kristy Berridge

This week Book Brats is proud to present our first author interview with Kristy Berridge, author of THE HUNTED (available from Amazon and Book Depository and many other websites). Be sure to check out Kristy's website - she is having a fabulous giveaway that I'm sure all of you will be interested in!

BB: Hi Kristy! Thanks for letting me interview you for Book Brats. I've been looking to do more things besides memes and reviews and discussions where I argue with myself about silly subjects. And since this is my first interview, trust that it will be awkward.

Let's start with an easy question. Why did you become a writer?

KB: I'll be honest and say boredom. Yes, as terrible as it is to say that, I was sitting in my office about four years ago thinking, what the hell can I do today?

I'd always had a great love for the paranormal, books, film and television, so I thought, why don't I write my own story? I mean, why not, right? So I did, but I made a promise to myself not to sacrifice on violence, romance and cuss words. I think I did okay on all three accounts. Now as it turns out, I can't imagine doing anything else. I've fallen in love with this world of make believe and seriously wish I could obliterate reality's obligation to pay my bills and just write full time!

BB: Ugh, bills, don't mention them around me, LOL. So now that you are a writer and in love with the world of make believe, have any weird and confusing things inspired you?

KB: When I'm writing inspiration usually comes from late nights staring up at the ceiling trying to iron out the wrinkles in my story lines. I also have a lot of weird dreams, many too creepy to speak of, so lets just say I have a vivid imagination. However, when it comes to my blog, I use my everyday life as inspiration. Apparently I'm a bit of a disaster.

BB: If you had to cast the movie adaptation of THE HUNTED and you could get anyone to play Elena and William, who would you cast? And speaking of casting choices... Any role for Karl Urban? Wink wink.

KB: Karl Urban is an Uber Spunk, and I think he could play one of the mains that comes into Book two 'The Damned'. I can't say too much though or I'll spoil the story!
As for Elena, it's hard to say, maybe someone like Ellen Page's attitude with Emma Robert's spunk. And I think William would have to be played by someone like Robbie Amell - hot bod with that sexy smile.

BB: So what is your advice to girls who want to become writers? Do you have any specific advice for learning how to write, say, romance scenes? One of my friends suggested I watch porn once but that sounded a bit rash.

KB: LOL, you could watch porn, but I suppose your scene would end up with words like engorged rod and throbbing flower! Ugh!

For me, learning to write is a continuing process. I learn from what I read and what my editor tells me is a bust. I'm also very aware of the English language and excited about using and learning new words. To become a writer you first need imagination, a story you want to tell, and then the nose to write it efficiently without too much space in between. I'd like to say I pull it off, but time will tell, I suppose.

As for romance scenes, I tend to write what everything feels like without actually having to use any 'dirty' words. I'm descriptive about touch, sight and sound, but focus more on the inner experience than the actual physical act. I think if you're writing YA, you don't want to give kids too much of a fright, but you want older readers to say 'Oh yeah...'

BB: Let's get a bit off topic. Do you know any great knock knock jokes?

KB: On the whole knock knock jokes suck, but here's one I remember from somewhere ...
Knock knock.
Who's there?
Phil who?
Phil McCrackin

See very sucky! I know a few others, but they aren't suitable to post in an interview ... lol

BB: Pretend you just won a major award. Who do you take to the ceremony and who do you thank? Feel free to be sarcastic or make up a fantastical story.

KB: Wow, I just won an award? So all those years of boycotting cucumbers have really paid off?
Well, I'd have to take my husband. He's my number one supporter in everything I do, including the six million diets I try and the littering of exercise equipment I insist we need to have around the house. Oh yeah, and the thousands of dollars he lets me spend on books!
But in the end I'd have to thank the chain stores for pulling cucumbers off the shelves and donning the vegetable as devil food. I can't thank my family at all because they insist I'm a nutcase for not eating it.

BB: You're afraid of cucumbers? I probably shouldn't mention that my family farms cucumbers every summer around you then!

KB: I'm not afraid of cucumbers, I'm just not sure what to do with them, it's not like they're edible! lol

BB: Okay, here’s a good one. In 50 words or less, can you write a fantasy tale starring Karl Urban's eyebrows?

KB: It shall be called 'Head dress of the Eyes' - Karl Urban, a true story about the beauty of his brows and seduction of the fur.

Then we will forget about production and just head back to his trailer ...

BB: And final question. Any advice to young writers (and older writers, I guess, if they read the blog) out there?

KB: Don't take life too seriously, it's too damn short. If you believe you have something to write about then do it. But on the flip side, take advice from those with more experience, accept criticism with grace, and always strive to improve. The only person who stops you from being the best version of yourself is you.

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